About Me

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I am a fully qualified  REP’S  registered Trainer.  I specialise in helping clients to achieve their health and fitness goals.   With my guidance and support I will be able to help you get fit, lose weight, tone up, increase flexibility and improve your well being.  Also qualified to work with people whose GP refers them for exercise as part of a management programme for an illness or disability I can  help clients with Diabetes, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, joint replacements, hypertension, Respiratory Problems  and Mechanical Back Pain.

One of my missions is to make health and fitness facilities easily accessible and affordable to the local community, overcoming barriers to fitness and helping everyone to achieve their goals with a unique sense of fun, offering full support in a non-intimidating environment.  No matter what your limitations are, you are always welcome to join in as we personalise movements to ability.  Any amount of exercise, no matter how small, will bring huge health benefits.

Ensuring everyone exercises safely is important to me so I need you to register with me and complete a couple of forms and they we can get started.  Please be aware that  you may need to contact your GP with details of your training programme to ensure they are firstly aware and secondly, that they are happy with what training is being proposed. This is only for your protection and to ensure we are being vigilant in dealing with any special requirements.   All information you provide is strictly private and confidential.