Don’t just take our word for it – read our customer feedback comments below and come along and experience it for yourselves:

Today a client of ours came into the gym to speak to me about some more training.His opening words “I want to thank you for saving my life!” – wow, that is some statement.The gentleman in question joined the gym some time ago after his Dr told him he should exercise for health reasons. At CDA Fitness, we carry out our own health checks as part of our commitment to delivering a safe environment that gives clients the confidence to exercise to a comfortable level. It was apparent to me that there was still an underlying problem with this gentleman and I suggested he speak with his Dr again. This he did, but was advised, everything was ok. We monitored him very closely while he exercised, however I was still not happy with the symptoms he was showing. “You must go back to your Dr” I told him as there is definitely something wrong here. After more investigations, he had to undergo an operation and without this, he may not be here today as he said.

This is why we are the best at what we do!!

Over the years we have referred a number of clients to their Dr because of our own in house health screening checks . I don’t believe that this client’s condition would have been picked up at most other gyms or fitness environment locally as none of them offer the same level of health screening as we do. Also, and as you can see, if we feel there might be a concern, we will monitor that person. This doesn’t happen in a lot of gyms and definitely not in most un-manned gyms.

All the team are First Aid trained, we even invested in a defibrillator ( not that we ever want to use it!) and I personally have a qualification in Dr exercise referral.

As we say at CDA Fitness “Your Health is our Business” – if you have a condition, are concerned about exercising but you would like to, then why don’t you come and chat to us and see how we can help you