Specialist Fitness

Weight Loss:

goal that so many people struggle with and a goal we have been guiding and helping clients achieve for many years now. ‘Weight Management’ is the long-term approach to a healthy lifestyle, developing lifestyle habits that keep you fuller for longer and eradicating fad diets that promote quick, temporary and unsupported weight loss.

Our 12-week weight management course is the answer for you! Our unique and individually tailored program will help clients not only achieve, but surpass their specific goals since it’s introduction.

This package is consists of 3 one-to-one personal training session a week, with additional cardiovascular sessions to be completed outside of the studio.

Training sessions will not only be individually tailored to client’s specific requirements but also tailored to specific fitness levels. Sessions will consist of a combination of both interval cardiovascular and resistance exercise’s, maximizing results and leading to dramatic transformations.

Diet and nutrition has such an influence upon both training and results. Clients will be provided with a structured diet plan that will be aimed at not only supporting your exercise regime but also aiding fat loss.
Committing to this program and addressing all the issues in a structured, educated and practical manor, combined with the support of one of our highly qualified and motivated staff, you will see fantastic results form this program. Why not tackle this program with a friend, having someone to share the experience and push towards your goals with, can be a great incentive and motivator.


GP Referral:

We are qualified to offer exercise prescription for most presenting conditions when you are referred by your GP or indeed if you self refer:   Here are just a few of the conditions that can be improved with exercise and a healthier lifestyle:

Coronary heart disease

Bone and Joint problems.


Hypertension (High blood pressure)




Pulmonary Diseases and Disorder

Health assessment .

This information is useful as it gives both a starting point and a benchmark which you can measure your progress against.
Ongoing health assessments are available so that you can review your progress and ensure that you are on the correct exercise regime. They are also a great way of feeling good about yourself and an ongoing source of self motivation.   We carry out a range of tests that include:

Blood Pressure and Resting Heart Rate

Body Composition Tests to determine your Weight, Body Fat, Visceral Fat and Metabolic Age


 Waist and Hip measurements to determine Waist to Hip Ratio


Peak Expiratory Flow

€30 per Health Assessment