We are open 24/7 365 by using our key card entry system, so you can train at a time that suits you.
Please note you must first sign up to use this system and have a key card issued to you.  (terms and conditions apply).  This can be done in person or by contacting us on email or telephone or whatsapp
Email us at or Tel: or whatsapp us on  634 304 087 for more details.

We can pro rata the above rates for flexible durations

Please note we are open to members and non members so if you are visiting on holiday why not keep up with your fitness and limit the holiday excesses effect !

IMPORTANT  – Please bring a towel with you for personal hygiene – if you do not have one with you we will hire you one for a charge of €2

We provide paper towel and disinfectant to wipe down equipment after use for hygiene reasons and everyone must adhere to our strict health and hygiene policy.

If taking advantage of our weekly offers, you must pay in advance of the start of the week and all classes must be attended in that same week.  No unattended classes can be carried forward to the following week.

No refunds for unattended classes and cancellation fees may be applied

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