How to book a time slot on our app

Booking a gym time slot
It is extremely important to book a time slot to exercise – this enables us to keep within the regulated numbers allowed in the gym at a time, and gives us a record of those attending should we need to track and trace. It is very quick and simple to do and if space permits can be done just before you arrive.
Go into the calendar icon on the front screen, then click on the person icon, bottom left of the screen. Or, if using a laptop, click the down arrow where it says “My Calendar” and change to Trainer Calendar. From there, click Trainer Calendar (Ian Field) – you will then be able to scroll to each day of the week and will see ” Gym Members – Pre book OneHour Exercise Slot” these are the exercise time slots during the “manned” hours or to book a slot outside of the “manned” hours you will see “Keypad Entry for Gym Members Exercise Time Slot”- click on the slot/time
you want to book and scroll down and hit “book event”. This will then show in your personal calendar on the app. You will also receive an email confirmation.
The number of spaces allocated for each time slot will be shown as the right hand figure and the number of spaces already booked will be the left hand figure (e.g 11/15).
You can then see which time slots are the busy or quiet ones and how many spaces are still available. If there are no spaces for a particular time slot, you can add yourself to the waiting list. Follow the steps to book and instead of “book event” you click on “add to wait list” – if someone cancels this slot, you will receive an email notification and can then repeat the booking process if the space is still available.
If capacity allows you are welcome to book a second time slot or stay longer than the one hour booked. We respectfully request that if you cannot attend, you cancel the booking as soon as possible to enable others to take that slot. To cancel, click into the event in your personal calendar, scroll down and click “cancel event”