* Exercise on your own schedule with our Key card Entry System, perfect for those with busy schedules or work commitments that limit access during regular gym hours.

1. *In-Person Registration (Manned Hours):* – Visit us during manned hours (0900-1230, Monday to Thursday).

2. *Online Registration (Outside Manned Hours):* – Visit our website and go to the “buy online” page. – Choose between one week or one month membership with a key card (for other durations, check the price with us first) Click “view item” and then “book now.” – Follow the steps to make a secure card payment (Additional €5 one-time fee when you first join us – card is retained for future visits).

3. *Activation and Key card Pickup:* – After joining and payment, call or WhatsApp us at 634 304 087. – We will guide you on how to access and collect your keycard.

*Key card Entry System Video:* [Watch our instructional video – see below ) to understand how the keycard entry system works

*Important Reminders:* – CCTV cameras operate 24/7. – Terms and Conditions apply. – Entry is strictly for the member who has joined and paid. – Sharing access or card use with others results in immediate membership termination. –

A refundable deposit may be necessary for out-of-hours entry.

*Safety and Hygiene Guidelines:* – Exercise at your own risk. – Bring a towel for personal hygiene. – Replace weights and equipment after use. – Utilize provided paper towels and disinfectant to clean equipment.

Thank you for choosing us for your fitness journey

Watch the video below to see how our key card entry system works.

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