T’s & C’s

CDA Fitness Gym  Membership Terms & Conditions

We kindly request that you follow these terms and conditions of use of our facilities:

1. Follow the rules relating to the key card entry system  as detailed to you on joining.  Failure to do this may result in immediate termination of your membership without refund

2. Replacement cards can be issued at a cost of €5 per card

3. Only adults aged 18 and over are allowed to become members unless specific permission is granted by us

4. Memberships are not transferable  – any misuse of the membership will result in immediate termination of the membership without refund

5. Memberships may be frozen for medical reasons at the discretion of the management – proof may be required

6. Members are requested to bring and use a sweat towel to use for sitting on equipment and for personal sweat use.  If the gym user does not bring one it is our policy to hire one for €2.

7. T shirts/vests and correct footwear must be worn at all times

8. Paper towel and disinfectant is provided to wipe machines down after use and we request gym members to ensure this is done

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