Exercise Class Timetable

 We now offer a range of  shorter evening classes :
Just €3 per person per class – free to gym members
Ideal for those of you who are new to exercise and want to ease yourself in gently; great for anyone with a hectic lifestyle, busy all day and struggling to fit in that all important exercise; ideal if you want to maximise your workout in a short period of time!


Legs, Bums & Tums 10am

Zumba 11am with Gema

Spinning 5pm ( 45 mins)

HIITs 5.45pm  (only a 30 minute class)

                                 Pilates 6.15pm  ( only a 30 minute class)


Tai Chi Fit 9am

Dancercise 10am with Cat

Pilates 11am

Fat Blast 5pm ( only a 20 minute class)  just €3 – free to gym members

            Abs Blast 5.30pm ( only a 15 minute class) just €3 – free to                 members


Yoga Fit 9am

Aerobic Body Tone 10am with Cat

Vitality 11am

Spinning 5pm

Yogalates 6pm ( only a 30 minute class) just €3 – free to gym members


                                                Step with Gema  10am


Kettlebells  9am

Pilates 10am

                 Zumba  11am  with Gema  


NB –  Spinning & Yogalates   –  spaces are limited so please pre book.   Email: CDAFitness@hotmail.co.uk –

FB message or call:  634 304 087  

see below for class price list:  ( you don’t have to be a member to come along to our exercise classes – you can pay as you go)


€6 per person, per class

€3 per class for gym members

some shorter exercise classes are also only €3 per person per class

Special weekly offers:

€18 per week – Pay for 3 classes and get 1 class free in the same week

€24 per week – Attend any number of classes that week plus use of the gym for free in the same week

NB – During the Summer months an additional euro per class is charged towards the air conditioning costs

NBif taking advantage of the weekly rates – you must pay in advance before the start of the week and all classes must be attended in that same week – no unattended classes may be carried over. No refunds for unattended classes and cancellation fees may be applied.